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Java Watch: What’s Not Coming in Mustang

 Read Allen Holub's review on JSR 270 on SD Times.

Excerpt : "Rather than providing an integrated approach to the new release, Mustang is just a collection of 11 existing JSRs, each with its own expert group. These groups are essentially autonomous. The reality is that there’s no overall architecture, and more to the point, there’s no architect coordinating the Mustang work."



.NET leads in BI race with Java

Check this to know, How .NET is pulling ahead of the Java-based J2EE in the "two-horse race" for leadership in integration development environments, according to a local survey of CIOs and IT managers.

Via (Srinivas)


Happy Birthday Channel 9 :-)

Channel 9 has completed it's first birthday. Thanks to channel 9 guys for entertaining the developer community in a great and innovative way.

They have uploaded 5 great videos for thier birthday ...worth of watching all of them..

Scott Guthrie - Demo of next version of ASP.NET (Happy Birthday Video #1)
Rico Mariani - Making .NET Perform (Happy Birthday Video #2)
Anders Hejlsberg - More C# Talk from C#'s Architect (Happy Birthday Video #3)
Cleartype Team - Talking about new Fonts on Longhorn (Happy Birthday Video #4)
Bill Hill - A Hike Around Microsoft's Forests (Happy Birthday Video #5)
Forbes : "Linux? No Thanks"

Welcome to the Real World of Open Source... :-)

Companies have figured out that although Linux was once touted as a "free" operating system, in fact distributors such as Red Hat and SuSE, a division of Novell, charge money for their products. Red Hat also charges hefty maintenance fees that have risen sharply over the years.

Read more : Linux ? No Thanks

Computerworld Development Survey gives nod to C#

Top 5 programming languages reported in use by respondents 
C#    72%
Java   66%
Visual Basic   62%
C++   54%
JavaScript/ECMAScript   50%

Read more here

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