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30 July 2003
Software Development Life Cycle
Hello Again Everyone! Its Codeboy, this blog comes to you today directly from the trenches. Its been one of those days you'd just as soon forget ever happened. This happens just about every wednesday for some reason. I'm not sure why & no one I've ever asked could tell me either, but most bad days... Read More...
28 July 2003
Engine or Library Programming
This is my third blog. For some reason, I seem to be counting. Anyways, I'm not going to discuss math today because truthfully it really scares me. I'm going to discuss Engine/Library Programming. A Common practice of mine is to abstract the core functionality of something into its own assembly. Sometimes... Read More...
25 July 2003
Cool Low Level Technology
Ok, i started playing more with the ATL Server projects that come with Visual Studio.NET 2003. I have to say I'm very impressed. This is really cool stuff, It seems to basically let you define your own language. You write some server response files (.srf) and then a couple of C++ dlls that have implementations... Read More...
23 July 2003
My First Blog Entry
Welcome to my first blog entry. I decided that it was about time for me to enter the blogging world or as some would say, Come out of the dark ages. I'd like to thank Scott W for setting me up with some space to blog. So what will this blog be about? I have no idea. But when all is said and done I hope... Read More...
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