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23 January 2004
I Love Weekends
Its Friday!! Hopefully this is a good thing, for the most part life is quiet here. But the powers that be decided that only one week was needed to test an application of some 50K+ lines of code. Still confused about that one but I'm convinced it will make a great Dilbert. Speaking of which this happened... Read More...
21 January 2004
RSS Readers
Ok, time to admit my ignorance. Actually I feel silly, I've been blogging for about six months now and I've yet to try one of the RSS Readers. What are people's favorites? Also, are their any RSS Readers for cell phones? Perhaps a asp.net based rss reader the outputs mobile web pages might be a good... Read More...
21 January 2004
This sounds too familiar
Ok, the daily dilbert for today is frighteningly close to what actually happens to me on a daily basis. Take a look: Dilbert . How does Scott Adams know so much about my life? Read More...
20 January 2004
A new pet project for 2004
I have a new goal/pet project for the early part of 2004, create an easy way of creating upgrade scripts from one database to another. I'm thinking some sort of web based app that looks at the two schemas and lets you choose/map columns as needed. I guess it could in theory be done “automagically“... Read More...
20 January 2004
A Good Day for Codeboy
What can I say, today has truly been a great day. These are rare, but today is spectacular; the sun is shining and you can see for miles and miles (so what if its only 9 degrees outside). Believe it or not, 9degrees is an improvement over last week. Ok back to what made today great, and it wasn't the... Read More...
15 January 2004
Fun With Threads
Hello Everyone! Been a long time. Well since its bitterly cold now & getting worse (gonna be -15F tonight) I've decided to blog (rather than go outside). I'd like to share some code with the world and I figured this would be an excellent place to try it. A friend of mine, WallyM has been having some... Read More...
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