March 2004 - Posts

19 March 2004
Backups, what not to do
I learned a pretty important lesson this week in computer backups. I had just rebuilt my work laptop, it had all the trimmings installed correctly (Visual Studio 6, VS.NET 2003, SQL Server, IIS and Crystal Reports). I even tested it and it passed with flying colors everything working perfectly. This... Read More...
18 March 2004
Unit Testing
One of the things that's I need to improve as a developer is my unit testing. Now I try my best to not submit things to qa with problems and I never send things that have known problems but bugs invariably end up getting through; I'll never reduce this to zero but I think there is room for improvement... Read More...
12 March 2004
Things I'm looking forward to
Ok, I seem to have failed miserably in my goal of posting to my blog more often. What can I say there's no excuse, the time just flows by. Well its no longer football season, we're now in the long dark times :( I guess there area couple things to look forward to, Spring, NFL Draft, a Whidbey Beta, and... Read More...
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