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21 April 2004
Page 23 Meme
I'm not sure I understand the Page 23 trend that's going around. Anyone know where it started? It is cool however to find out what books people are reading. Along those lines, here's my contribution to the trend. Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text... Read More...
13 April 2004
My First User Group Presentation
I survived my first user group presentation. I was nervous, and a bit frightened, but got through it nicely. I presented to a great group of folks at the Tech Valley .NET Users Group . We talked about whidbey, differences between it and the current asp.net stack. I've got to give all of the credit to... Read More...
12 April 2004
Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview
I recieved my copy of the VS2005 CTP on the thursday before the summit, I stowed it away in my laptop bag and planned to install it at night in my hotel room during the summit. I read the back which said I may have to format my hard drive, I was even told by Brian Goldfarb who said, “Did you read... Read More...
12 April 2004
MVP Summit
I survived the 2004 mvp summit! I had a great time meeting lots of people, meeting old and new friends for the first time. Its a great community around MS technologies, my only gripe about the summit was it was too short. I'd have loved to spend more time talking to all of the people there, I remember... Read More...
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