Looking back at 2005 and forward to 2006

Its 2006 pretty hard to believe that a year has passed,  I remember well how 2005 started, me studying for a job interview out west.  I didn't get that job which was a good thing, because it paved the way for me to work at perhaps the best company on the planet.  Still I can't believe its been a year, well technically it hasn't been as 2/4 was the date I started.  Let's not get bogged down in details though cause what fun would that be?  2005 was a pretty amazing year for me, started working for telligent full time doing lots of cool .net stuff, started building a house (pay a lot & wait a lot basically...) and met someone really special :).  Hey come to think of it, i just summed up one year in just a single sentence, well that's cause its time to discuss cool geeky stuff. 

Technically my strength and passions have always been towards asp.net & managed code.  A funny thing is starting to happen though, more and more I'm finding myself wanting to play in the unmanaged world of C++, ok that's not really new for me but doing the heavy 3D Gfx stuff with DirectX is and that's where I'm spending more and more of my free time.  I'm loving reading some of the awesome books that are out there about doing 3D Game Engines & Graphics with DirectX.  I've dabbled in this before but never really got anywhere with it, one book i'm currently reading really said it well: this stuff isn't easy and with 3D Game engines more than anything else you need a well laid out and thought through approach.  I'm hoping that spending the time in the 3d Game Dev worlds will help me become a better and more disciplined programmer in more respects and in professional programming (.net, asp.net sql etc..) as well.  Here's a professional New Years Resolution (Increase the size and complexity of projects that I can handle well on my own).  Through better planning, development practices and discipline I think i can get there.  Also, I really believe the answer for me is not in managed code, its in the C++ world where things are quite a bit less forgiving.  See, if I can build some of these engines or add new things to them successfully its got to be in C++ where things aren't as easy. I'll have to handle memory management and all of the other fun challenges C++ brings.  This if successful will teach more discipline that will be very useful back in the managed world.  I've already learned something new: 3D Graphics w/ DirectX requires quite a bit more Math than ASP.NET does.  So here's what I'm reading:

Ideally, I'll get good enough to make things like you'd see in here:

OK, that's about it for today from the technical side.  Another new years resolution: get back to artwork.  I used to be able to draw pretty well, I've lost some of that so i'd like to get it back.  I've my first project and that's to create a design that might be used as a tattoo.  If it gets Inked, i'll post it for people to see. 


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