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25 January 2007
selectSingleNode and FireFox
Ajax is cool, for sure. However sometimes its not so easy to work with, Ajax brings back a problem to web development that had been going by the wayside for a few years. You see when I started back in early 2000, we had MS IE, Netscape 4, AOL and a slew of other browsers to support. Writing interactive... Read More...
25 January 2007
Just a little bit of Rewriting
I was trying to figure out the other day how to do url-rewriting on a handler basis, so I could key in on exactly what was re-written and not affect the app on a global basis. I found this blog post by Jeffery Palermo and it was just what I needed. This is perfect because the app that i'm currently... Read More...
05 January 2007
The Five Things Blog Tag Game
I've been blog tagged by one of my co-workers Kyle Beyer . I've worked with Kyle for about a year now on a few of Telligent's sites that we manage. I've heard about this game from others and seen some fascinating posts, definitely learning a lot along the way. Others have far more information... Read More...
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