The Five Things Blog Tag Game

I've been blog tagged by one of my co-workers Kyle Beyer.  I've worked with Kyle for about a year now on a few of Telligent's sites that we manage.  I've heard about this game from others and seen some fascinating posts, definitely learning a lot along the way.  Others have far more information about the origin of the game, I'm afraid i couldn't do that justice so I'm just going to get to the five things about me.

1. I've just finished building my first house.  That was something that I never thought i'd be able to do, build a house by myself (ok i confess, i just wrote checks & signed documents)  but I got it done and I'm in the house.  Why did i build the house? good investment?  Stop throwing money away on rent?  More space?  Ok these are all excellent reasons to build a house, but not why I did it.  I wanted to have a room and a place to listen to my stereo system as loud as i wanted.  I never got complaints in my old apartment but you can't crank the subwoofer & speakers and not feel at least a little bad.  I cant at least.  But now in the house I can,  I love the way the subwoofer throws you back into your seat when something explodes. 

2.  I'm a .net developer focusing on databases and websites, but one of my passions is video games.  Playing them but some day I want to be able to build them.  Games & game engines are among the most complex of software that's being written today.  3D Math and physics are mind bogglingly complex, I love complex things.  So for me game dev is a great hobby.  I'm completely self taught as a computer programmer.  I took a couple of courses in databases and C/C++ but most of what i know and use every day i'm totally self taught.  At times I wish i'd taken more CS courses but I'm really grateful with my ability to teach myself new technologies and computer concepts.  So I hope one day to have taught myself how to build realtime 3D Graphics software.  With a helping portion of AI too.

3.  I've recently come to the understanding that my music collection is woefully lacking and have been buying new cds, trying new things to try to expand my horizons musically.  Ok this isn't all that interesting, and acutally is probably a tad boring.  However if you're reading this you have a favorite cd.  Leave me a comment and let me know what it is!  Not your all time favorite, but what's being played most in your cd player at the moment.  Please no country or Rap, its good just not my thing.  On a similarly related note I absolutely love movies and dvds.  (see #1) I've nearly 300 dvds and am always looking for more. 

4.  I just got my first tattoo.  I've wanted one for a while and decided that the time was right.  I mulled over the design, trying to draw it myself, but my computer skills seem to have replaced my art skills and I decided to just let an artist do it for me.  Seneca at Unique Arts in glens falls did a fantastic job.  Why did i want a tattoo you may ask?  Well i think they look really really cool, I wanted something to be a symbol of a memory of a loved one that I lost a while ago.  I don't have pictures of it, I'll try to post one later.  While this was my first i'm not sure if its my last.  Family is not so accepting of tattoos, so if i go quickly for the fully covered look i'll probably shock quite a few of them.  That being said i could definitely see another tattoo at some point.

5.  When i was younger i wanted to be (in order) a Road Fixer, a GI Joe guy, a fighter pilot, an engineer that designed things, a business man, a computer programmer, a Fire truck (see the movie Crazy People ) and a Computer programmer.

I'd Like to see these people carry this on: Rob Howard, Jason Alexander, Bill Staples, David Penton and Scott Dockendorf


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RE: 3...currently hooked on Modest Mouse.

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The five things blog tag game.. Great! :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011 2:41 PM
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 12:25 AM