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  • Been a while...

    It's been 8 months since I last posted and I'm almost embarrassed to blog again - it's been so long!  My blogging absence has been mainly due to lack of time, with "Time Management" being a subject I hope to post about soon.

  • Tech-Ed Day 1 Part 1: 2 days late..

    So, I *finally* found some free time to get around to my poor, neglected Blog.  It's been hard for me to find the time to blog as my free net time has been spent working on the issues that *conveniently* popped up at my day job - ack!  But, finally here it is:

  • I'm going to Tech-Ed!

    At the last minute I've gotten the chance to attend Tech-Ed.  Besides the obvious benefits of attending Tech-Ed - I'd go into depression (ok, not quite that bad) at the thought of missing out on this opportunity to attend such a huge Microsoft Event that's happening in the same city that I live it.  Thankfully, now I won't have to spend the entire week moaping around because everyone else is having fun while I'm slaving away at work.

  • YES, Microsoft Supports the Community.

    I recently (4/24/03) went to the Windows Server 2003/VS.NET 2003 Launch in Fort Worth.  This event was different for me than past Microsoft Launch events that I’ve been to as this time I wasn’t just an attendee, but an exhibitor as well.  I’m currently the Vice President of the Fort Worth DOT Net Users Group (FWDNUG) and the booth space was offered to the FWDNUG gratis courtesy of the Microsoft South Central District.  Actually, Helena Kjellander-Valentin (South Central District Field Marketing Specialist and the best Microsoft Events Coordinator), emailed Greg Kane (FWDNUG President) and myself out of the blue and offered the space to us.  Greg and I jumped at the chance for such good exposure and we were not disappointed.  The launch ended up with ~750 attendees and we signed up 50+ new users to the FWDNUG database, with many more promising to sign-up later via our website.  Our average meeting size is around 20-30 people and we’re excited at the chance of doubling our membership size.  Many attendees commented that they did not know there was a Fort Worth Users Group and they were glad to know they did not have to make the long drive to the Dallas Dot NET Users group any longer.  I’d rate the launch a qualified success for the FWDNUG– all thanks to the community building efforts of Microsoft.  If only I wasn’t ineligible for the prizes due to my status as an “exhibitor”.  Oh well, you can’t win them all J

  • What the heck is a “Texas Yankee” anyways?

    It’s been quite some time now since Scott W. first introduced .NETWeblogs, and yet here I am just now making my first official Blog entry.  You have to understand me a little better to understand why it has taken me so long to participate in the blogging phenomenon.  I have this thing (ok, it’s called a personality fault) where I rebel against new, trendy ideas.  For example, I refused to initially go see the movie The Matrix (can’t believe I even admit that publicly!) because everyone was saying how good it was and I thought the trailer looked too fake.  Of course, that’s before I wised up, watched it and realized it was set in a fake world and is the greatest Sci-Fi flick since Star Wars.   I don’t know why I’m like this – I figure I just don’t like new things that everyone thinks is “all the rage” being pushed down my throat.  I guess the same thing happened with the Blog Craze – everyone was doing it and I wasn’t going to be one of those “people”.  Well, I started reading all my friends Blogs and recognized that I was being pigheaded again.