jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code

Thank you to everyone who came to my jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX PDC talk!  As promised, I've added a link to the demo code from the talk to this blog entry.

There are three separate downloads:

jQuery Demos -- Contains sample code that demonstrates how to use jQuery selectors, animations, and plug-ins.

PhotoGallery Application -- Contains a simple Photo Gallery application in which photos are fetched by making Ajax calls to a web service. Demonstrates using the new Client Side Templates features of ASP.NET AJAX.

MovieDatabase Application -- Contains an ASP.NET MVC application that uses jQuery and Ajax. Demonstrates how to build applications that support graceful degradation. This application works with both JavaScript enabled and JavaScript disabled.

And here's the Power Point from the talk:


Presentation -- Contains the Power Point presentation.

Finally, here is the link to the recorded talk at Channel 9:



Thanks again!