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Automatically Generate Stored Procedures with Visual Studio
This is one of those tucked-away features in Visual Studio that, once you find it, can make you slap your forehead so hard that it hurts. Warning: You may need an aspirin after reading this. Notes: I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008. It...
Why SQL Updates Fail – Five Reasons
"The SQL command ran, there's no error message but nothing changed! What's going on? Do you think it's a virus? Maybe there's a bug in .NET!" The junior programmer was almost in tears when he came to me for help. Proud and confident in his abilities and...
Microsoft Chart Controls for the .Net Framework
I haven't been impressed by any new technology in a long time…until I downloaded and tried out the new Microsoft Chart Controls for the .Net Framework. It contains charts for both Forms and Asp.Net applications. It was easy to put this chart in an Asp...
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