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CSS3 box-shadow and Visual Studio Features
An exciting visual effect using the CSS box-shadow feature and two nice features of Visual Studio....
Posted: Jan 16 2013, 03:30 PM by SGWellens | with no comments
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Automatically Generate Stored Procedures with Visual Studio
This is one of those tucked-away features in Visual Studio that, once you find it, can make you slap your forehead so hard that it hurts. Warning: You may need an aspirin after reading this. Notes: I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008. It...
Debugging XML Transforms (XSLT) with Visual Studio
XSLT stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations. [Update/Note] This post describes the XSLT debugger which is only available in the Professional and Team System versions of Visual Studio. There is so much to learn in our technical world...
Speed Up the Visual Studio Toolbox
There are plenty of tips out on the web that I see no need to repeat here. But this one made such a remarkable difference on my box that I had to post it…. I use the Auto-Hide property on the Toolbox to preserve screen real-estate. After adding the Ajax...
Anonymous Macros…Awesome Power!
Once upon a time, in the chilly windowless basement of a Fortune 100 company, a young programmer joined our small development team. He brought with him a programmers editor called Brief. Within weeks every developer in the entire company was using this...
Free Tools that I Use
Here are tools I use on a regular basis. They have attributes I find essential: They are free. They do one thing and they do it well. XPathBuilder: Dynamically searches XML: Bubba Soft Expresso: Design and test regular expressions before you compile:...
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