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Snacking at the .NET buffet

OK, I promise this is the last 'about me' post -- next ones will be about technology ;)

Among the many nice responses to my first post was the question “Are you still working with .NET?”  The answer is: most definitely yes.  While I'm no longer delving deeply into a single technology like ASP.NET, I work with .NET technologies every day -- pretty much to the exclusion of all other technologies.  So far, here's what I've sampled from the .NET buffet in my new role:

VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office).  I lead a team here at Vertigo to create a document workflow sample in Word 2003 and VB.NET.  The data and a part of the process for the workflow is hosted on, and accessed using their free sforce Web services toolkit.  The sample itself was featured at the VSTO launch in October, and can be test-driven on the hosted VS.NET experience site.

Smart Documents.  We did a second version of the same workflow sample, using the technology in Office 2003 called Smart Documents.  This provided some enhancements in the end-user experience, but was quite a bit harder to implement from the .NET developer perspective.  (We implemented a .NET wrapper for the ISmartDocument COM interface to make this code a bit more reusable.)  This sample will be demo'd Monday in Marc Benioff's keynote at the developer's conference in San Francisco.  Watch the sforce site next week for access to the bits.

SharePoint 2003.  Anyone who has used the newest sharepoint can tell you it's a lot mo' better than SPS 2001.  A LOT.  I hate to sound like a fanboy, but this has actually become a tool I use every day.  It's great for small teams, and dead easy to customize the common stuff using the web interface.  And for the not-so-common stuff, there's ASP.NET :)

And more...  I'll start to post about the other technologies I learn about 'em.


Where's Susan?

After a long break to deal with health issues (bleh, 25 years of my sleep-under-the-desk workstyle finally took a toll), I'm back in the saddle.  And working hard to learn a more sustainable work-life balance.  Wish me luck, hehe ;)

But where?  Well, I've joined Vertigo Software in Point Richmond, Ca. as a Senior Software Engineer.  The work is exciting and fulfilling (as it was at Microsoft), and the sunshine doesn't hurt either.  Best of all, however, is that my family is just a few minutes away and I walk to work.  Can't beat that!

My new business card:

Susan Warren, Senior Software Engineer
Vertigo Software, Inc.
51 Washington Ave.
Point Richmond, CA 94801  
desk     (510) 307-8230


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