Fuzzy Task List released to CodePlex

I've added a few more features to the Fuzzy Task List so that it's now approaching the point where it's usable. The code's been cleanup up and released to CodePlex.

Fuzzy task lists are useful for kinds of tasks that don't have fixed times, such as:

  • getting a hair cut
  • scheduling your dentist appointment 
  • keeping in touch with old friends

Unlike the actual appointment for the dentist - 4:45pm on Tuesday, the reminder to schedule the appointment doesn't really work for these kind of activities. There's no impact if you miss the date by a few days and often there are more important things to do. The fuzzy task list solves that problem.



Fuzzy Task List CodePlex project site

The project site has the code in source control and .rar package. You can also install a ClickOnce preview.


If you'd like to contribute, just drop me a note.

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