Microsoft RAW Thumbnailer and Previewer.

If you are into digital photography and use a Nikon or Canon dSLR, Microsoft quietly released a Windows XP powertoy a few weeks ago that adds the capability to handle RAW files to your Windows Explorer. After installing this, you can view thumbnails of your RAW files and also preview the files. It does not however support preview in the "film strip" mode. A worthwhile download, and it is written in .NET!

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  • This Microsoft raw viewer SUCKS!
    FIRST it won't work in filmstrip mode
    SECOND it will NOT work in THMBNAIL mode either
    THIRD YOU HAVE TO OWN A CANON OR NIKON CAMERA since it will NOT work with raw images made b y any other camera!
    Is Microsoft dense or just plain stupid when they create the kind of software that only a very few people will be able to use IF they can get the thing to actually work!

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