New Open Source project - MyStream: Social Lifestreaming with ASP.NET 4

There are just way too many social networking sites out there to keep up and that's where lifestreaming services come in. Lifestream is a time ordered stream of activities, that functions as a diary of your electronic "social" life. In this Web 2.0 (or more?) era, you get to use Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr, write blog posts, keep your friends up to date, and you are curious about what your friends are up to, too. There are many social websites that will help you to aggregate all of your social activities into one place. FriendFeed is such and one of the most popular services that does the lifestreaming for you. Those sites are still externally hosted that cannot replace your blog or current website, even though they may offer cooler features than your blog or site. Many may want to argue, but I strongly believe portals that host all your online (and social too) activities this is going to be the next generation of personal sites, and will replace your blogs and current static pages.



MyStream is a fully customizable, themable, easy to configure, an open source Portal framework built on top of ASP.NET 4, that you can host on your own server. You have got the full freedom to upgrade to new more themes yet to come and maintain your existing personal branding by customizing every little piece of it. The current codebase of this pluggable architecture can stream your blogposts by RSS/Atom, Delicious bookmarks, Flickr photostream and Tweets. You can write your own social plugin in minutes using this framework. This article is surely going to deliver some of the experiences I gained during practical development on ASP.NET 4 and new C# 4.0 features to those who are still wondering about, since it was made possible by Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.


Project hosted at:

You are more than welcome to join the MyStream development team, add new plugins, improve and scale the architecture, fix bugs, design attractive themes. I look forward to your feedback, contribution to the project and be part of development of next generation personal sites. When ASP.NET 4 hosting will be available you would be able to turn your current static website or blog into a lifestreaming portal with all your social activities with this project built on top of ASP.NET 4, C# 4.0, PLINQ, Task Parallel Library, Dependency Injection and Plugin architecture.


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