Presentation at Microsoft Day @ Dhaka

As I have told earlier about the Microsoft Day @ Dhaka event, and as I have promised, this post is about the presentation slide the audience was asking for. I am so glad to receive appreciation about the session and overall event. I am really happy the developer community at Dhaka attend all the sessions with great delight. It was also a great opportunity for me to gather community feedback on many things ranging from technology to event management. There was about 200 people in the auditorium and also free lunch. Here are some of the photographs of the event:

Me, presenting Some of my audience Me, answeing questions

Here is the slide for my presentation attendees were asking for. For your convenience I have also uploaded the slide on Slideshare:


Enjoy, those who could not attend! I really appreciate those and would like to thank who could make it that day – great audience! Looking forward to see you guys again next time.


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