Generics in VB.NET

I found this article on OreillyNet. very handy. and here was me thinking that Generics was a C# only thing. now all i have to do i figure out how to use it for something...

New Features in VB.NET — Generics by Wei-Meng Lee -- One of the new features in .NET Framework 2.0 is the support of Generics in the Intermediate Language (IL). As such, languages such as C# and VB.NET now support this new feature. You've heard a lot about Generics in C#, but seldom hear people talk about it in VB.NET. In this article, Wei-Meng Lee introduces Generics to the VB.NET programmer.


  • ...or not use thet for anything at all since your VB colleagues and friends will be scared to death by another feature they don't understand.

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