January 2003 - Posts


Opera 7 for Windows Final by Aylar

Opera browser is a great alternative to Internet Explorer and a must have for anyone concerned with W3C standards. It is IMHO the browser with the absolutely best support for all standards from W3C. It also has many cool features, amongst these is the...


New article by Aylar

Just posted a new article at my column . It shows you how you can make your own skinned custom controls. The technique used is based upon the technique used in the ASP.NET Forums code... Comments are welcome !


Cross-browser issues by Aylar

Today I discovered something I actually haven't seen before - the cross-browser support in ASP.NET. More specifically with the Label and Calendar controls. When I decided to check out my project in Opera to make sure it rendered fine there, I discovered...


First post by Aylar

Ok this is my first post to my new blog, provided by Scott Watermasysk's great blog service - it really rocks! I've been trying to figure out what I should write about here and Scott suggested I should simply post things like problems I have encountered...
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