My Power Mac rocks!

Got my Dual 2.5GHz Power Mac a few days ago -- so far I'm loving it! OS X is light-years ahead of Windows XP. Everything is so darn slick! Apple are still following the good UNIX tradition of having small specialized applications that usually only have one main task (and does that task _very_ well), instead of the other "standard" of BloatWare(tm).

Well enough praising and bashing; I'm posting this entry from Ranchero MarsEdit. It's a sweet little cutie and it looks and behaves very much like Apple Mail (which also kicks serious ass ;) My feeds have been moved over to NetNewsWire 2.0 beta (also from Ranchero -- any Ranchero execs out there that feel like giving me free licenses to these two awesome apps? :)

I'll keep everyone posted on how much my Mac 0wns j00!

Published Sunday, March 13, 2005 3:15 PM by Aylar


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