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  • Potluck Programming (or UWWFY)

    RabbitHole Have you ever found yourself spending more time trying to learn patterns than actually designing or coding your application? It's easy to do. With the maturation of .NET, suddenly everywhere you look you see presentations, books, and blog posts talking about this pattern or that pattern, each asserting that the other is inferior for some obscure reason. And you, being the mature .NET developer that you are, follow these conversations, desperately trying to find the "magic" patterns that will make your next project perfectly maintainable, easily extendable, and consistently scalable from the get-go. I know, because I've been there.

  • What "cloud computing" means to you (it's important)

    cloud computing It is amazing to me how quickly the the noise surrounding cloud computing has grown. Overnight cloud computing has become a mainstream talking point with everyone postulating how enterprising start-ups and lumbering enterprises will use the emerging technology in software projects. InformationWeek is running cover stories on cloud computing, Microsoft is touting their new cloud services, and even Apple is getting-in on the game with MobileMe. It seems cloud computing has replaced software as a service as the most popular water cooler talk.