Interesting Readings on scalability

I'm linking to this post from Werner Vogels (a must read blogger) about Epidemic Computing, because it seems like something i would like to investigate, as soon as i find the time. So i'm posting it here for later reference. :-)

While i'm at it, read this nice post, from Clemens Vasters about the dogma that some people have with stateless components and it's immediate path to scalability. What is with this man? He obviously has the talent to point to the obvious, but that no one has written before (ok, that i have read it :-)),and in such a clearly way that you found yourself smacking on your forehead and saying "damn , i wish *i* wrote like that" :-). GO read it now.

Since we talking about scalability i'm also linking to this article (The Quest for ASP.NET Scalability) as a remainder to myself. (have to find the time to read it). Skimmed it, and it seems to be in the must read category.

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