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  • Alien artifacts

    Followed a crypting link on Ken Tegel's Daily Take Outs, and found this gem about Alien Artifacts. No, no this is no X-Files stuff. (although this comment does mention the Prime Directive :-)).

    This is a great post, and i really want to say something about it. But i guess i will refrain me, i don't want to be labbelled as a cynical and arrogant prick. :-)   I guess there is an unwritten rule "thou shalt not blog on a friday night, if the week has been rough" :-D




  • DB2 will suport CLR written code

    Interesting, according to this article IBM DB2 will support Stored procedures and UDTs written in .NET. I wonder if it will be released before Yukon? (but more importantly, will this mean that yukon and DB2 CLR SP's will be interchangeable? the article doesn't says).

    I also wonder if this is only supported in Windows (the article states, that it's only windows for now), but in the future will it be supported in Unix using Mono (or dotGNU?).

    Indeed we live in interesting times.

    I have no interest in DB2 and i've never used it, just found this interesting.

  • Interesting Readings on scalability

    I'm linking to this post from Werner Vogels (a must read blogger) about Epidemic Computing, because it seems like something i would like to investigate, as soon as i find the time. So i'm posting it here for later reference. :-)

    While i'm at it, read this nice post, from Clemens Vasters about the dogma that some people have with stateless components and it's immediate path to scalability. What is with this man? He obviously has the talent to point to the obvious, but that no one has written before (ok, that i have read it :-)),and in such a clearly way that you found yourself smacking on your forehead and saying "damn , i wish *i* wrote like that" :-). GO read it now.

    Since we talking about scalability i'm also linking to this article (The Quest for ASP.NET Scalability) as a remainder to myself. (have to find the time to read it). Skimmed it, and it seems to be in the must read category.

  • Devdays 2004 speaker

    Well the cat is out of the bag, it has been announced officially. I've hit the point of no return, it seems i will have to really bite the bullet.

    I'm going to be a speaker on Devdays 2004 Lisbon, my presentation will be entitled (liberal translation)

    "Patterns & Practices: Development with service oriented plataforms".

    From what i've planned so far, in the first part i'm going to make a mild introduction on SOA (trying to stay away from the hype) and on the second part i'm going to focus on shadowfax as a reference architecture. (did i already said i'm open to comments and suggestions? :-)).

    The first part has already been written (and rewritten and rewritten :-)), but it's not finalized yet. It's the second part i've been having more problems. What do people do expect to see from shadowfax and what kind of demo can i do about it? (demoing architectures is allways hard. No eye candy or anything).

    If you were attending, what would you like to be presented?

    What makes you tick and what makes you sleep?  :-)

    Keep those thougths flowing.




     Patterns & Practices: Desenvolvimento com plataformas orientadas a Servi├žos

  • Free nTiergen.Net offer for bloggers on

    Just got my free nTiergen license, that Gavin Joyce is generously offering to all bloggers on that claim it. (nice viral marketing strategy) 

    I intend (as time allows it) to compare it against LLBLGen Pro (first attempt failed, because the provided solution is in VS.NET 2003 format and i'm still lagging on version 2001 and the conversion somehow wasn't very sucessfull) and against RapTier let's see how the stand up against another (i don't even know yet, if they are trying to solve the same issues, but what the heck will save time if i do it in a batch :-))

    It has been one hell of a week (actually last 2 weeks), and until the end of the month it will only get worse. Last friday i attended the Microsoft event Connected Applications Tour i've been wanting to post a comment about it, but since i lack the time i will have to pass. I will just say that i liked it, and it was almost as if a few months ago when the event was planned, this post had already been written and the planner took it into account. :-)

    You can download the presentations here. I think the most interesting presentation was Service Design by Gianpaolo Carraro (i've googled but he doesn't seem to have a blog. *Bummer*).