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Free Download: MSDN Library May 2006 Edition

This is definitely a good news for all MS developers. 

Check out the news at Rob Caron's Blog

Download MSDN Library May 2006 Edition here


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New Oracle Data Provider for .NET 2.0 [ODP.NET]

I just got this over e-mail and keeping it here for reference.

The new version of ODP.NET is released by Oracle Corporation, the download is available here 

The features include the following:

    ODP.NET -- ADO.NET 2.0 Support
    • Factory and DbCommon Classes
    • Connection String Builder
    • DataAdapter Batch Processing
    • Schema Discovery
    • Server Enumeration

    Oracle Developer Tools (ODT) for Visual Studio .NET
    • Visual Studio 2005 Integration
    • Integrated PL/SQL Debugging (Visual Studio 2003 and 2005)

    Oracle Database Extensions for .NET
    • .NET 2.0 Framework Support

Additional resources:

  • Learn some ODP.NET best practices to optimize your .NET application's performance.
  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Demo
  • .NET Stored Procedures Demo


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LINQ and more..

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a technology that eliminates the mismatch among different data domains.  With LINQ, there is no need to learn separate query syntaxes when querying over diverse data domains such as XML, Relational and Objects.

Check out the MSDN Channel9 Session on LINQ.

More information is available at The LINQ project site.

Blinq is one of the exciting tool for ASP.NET and SQL. Looks like its better use Blinq for creating Admin modules to manage the Master Tables in an application database. Its very simple to create web pages without any code and it all happens just linking the SQL Database to the tool. Wonderful!

ScottGu's excellent blog post on Using LINQ with ASP.NET Part I and Part II is worth a read and practice.


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.NET Framework 3.0, It's (Beta) arrived!

James has just posted these links. Keeping it here for self reference [I]

And here are some additions

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TD.NET Enterprise and Professional Version!

Today's HOT Topic in .NET Blogsphere is that TestDriven.NET of Jamie goes commercial.

We have been using his TD.NET extensively in most of our projects and are amazed with its features. It is AWESOME!

Read more here TestDriven.NET Enterprise & Professional

I will go for the personal edition quickly and need to follow-up with my BOSS on getting the Enterprise version :)

I still remember the day Jamie helped us (over mail) on resolving an issue we had with NUnit & NCover while generating a coverage report. We always appreciate his time in bringing this product a remarkable one among all .NET Developers!

Thanks a lot to Jamie. All the very best to TD.NET Commercial Versions!


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Microsoft CodePlex

Microsoft Launches CodePlex, Vehicle for Sharing Source Code.

Read more here

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