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Microsoft Expression Blend For Developers Course


Expression Blend For Developer Course

This training course provides hands-on experience designing and developing user experiences for Silverlight 4.0, WPF 4.0, XAML and Windows phone 7 using Expression Blend. In the course we will learn how to use Expression Blend side by side withVisual Studio to maximize and uplift developement productivity. The course focuses on all the foundamentals that a UI developer should master: M-V-VM, VSM, Triggers, Action & Behaviors

Module 1: Expression Blend Overview

*      Project Window

*      Properties Window

*      Data Window

*      Resources Window

*      States Window

*      Triggers Window

Module 2: Expression Blend with Styles & Templates

*      How to Create Control Template

*      How to Create Data Template

*      How to Create Style

*      How to work with custom styles

Module 3: Expression Blend with Data Binding

*      Data Field

*      Element Property

*      Value Convert

*      XML Data Binding

*      CLR Data Binding

Module 4: Expression Blend with Animation

*      How to create animation

*      How to edit storyboard

*      Animation effects

Module 5: Expression Blend with Triggers

*      Event Triggers

*      Datat Triggers

*      Property Triggers

Module 6: Visual State Manager (VSM)

*      State

*      Group

*      Transtion

Module 7: Expression Blend & M-V-VM

*      Sample Data

*      VM Sample Data

*      XML Sample Data

Module 8: Triggers, Action & Behaviors

*      Actions

*      Triggers

*      Behaviors

Binary Options

 Binary Options

Recently I just started working on a new project at Win Gaming Media Inc. The company is leading provider of online trading of binary options and the owner of EZTrader.com and GlobalOption.com, two of the major players in online trading of binary options.

Binary options are an investment tool where investors can receive a high return (binary options have much greater return than in most types of investment). Trading options is very simple, traders only have to predict the direction of the change in the price of the underlying asset, unlike other forms of financial investment, in trading binary options it doesn't matter if the market goes up or goes down, traders will still earn the same fixed profit. With binary options, traders can predict the direction of a variety of assets (currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, future indices) which are set to expire in an hour, at the end of the trading day, or at the end of the trading week.

The project I'm working on is targeted to integrate between the binary options trading websites and the website Facebook pages. At the end of the process, new users will be able to register and log-in to their accounts on GlobalOption.com and EZtrader.com just by using their Facebook log in information, and more than that, it will enable more futures as: making a deposits and sharing information on their successful investments with their Facebook friends. We are really hoping to help WGM.Inc to reach more users by creating a simple registration form and by improving the user experience.

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