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Wishing for Orcas: IIS marries ASP.NET

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I want IIS to finally marry ASP.NET, once and for all. I’m looking forward to much more than the current integration that exist today between ASP.NET v1.1 and IIS6 where you’ve to deal with a lot of duplicate functionality.


Take for instance authentication: you’ve got IIS authentication and ASP.NET authentication, this could be integrated in a way that setting authentication for a website could be done in one shot and without leaving room for any confusion.


Session state management, extension mappings and custom errors are just other duplicate features. Let’s take custom errors: IIS configuration offers its very own “Custom Errors” tab for mapping HTTP error codes to files while ASP.NET has a <customErrors> element that you can set in your web app config file. They both do exactly the same thus they’re different, separate features.


But what I would like the most to see unified is the HTTP pipeline, definitely. This is currently also duplicated in IIS and ASP.NET and you’re forced to make a hard choice. You may go down to the metal ISAPI route, where you can write really high-performing extensions and modules while loosing the easy access to key ASP.NET services like caching OR you can go the ASP.NET way of writing handlers and modules having easy access to all offered services but loosing on the performance side of the equation.


And finally, do we really need to have different names for IIS and ASP.NET?


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Whidbey Membership, Roles, Profile and Provider pattern backported to Everett?

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I just downloaded the Community Server beta 2 with the intention of having a quick look at it. Unzipped the download and found no source code… L (there is a “no source code will be available for beta 2” legend in one of the readme files too).


So I fired up Reflector and started looking at the available classes to get an idea of how the integration of .Text, ASP.NET Forums, ect looked like. While doing this I stumped at an assembly whose naming was not following the standard “CommunityServer.blah.dll”, instead it was named “MemberRole.dll”…


“Oh, an implementation of membership & roles coming from the guys at Telligent and/or the community” was what I thought. But then, why in the world is it named with no “CommunityServer” or “Telligent” prefix?


I’m curious you know… so I had to feed this little “MemberRole.dll” through Reflector and… big surprise!


The namespaces used start with “Microsoft” and by quickly looking at the implemented classes one can easily tell that it looks like a backport of the Membership, Roles, Profile and Provider pattern found in the Whidbey bits.


I haven’t heard anything about this yet, maybe this is because I’m like 1.5 weeks behind weblogs…


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MS IL CodeDOM Provider: Released too quickly

Note: this entry has moved.


As you may have probably noticed by now, a week ago, Microsoft released the source code for an IL CodeDOM Provider. I was interested in trying some stuff using the bits but I found several issues with them:


  • The code doesn’t compile AS IS with the current public Whidbey bits.
  • There is no reference in the doco to which Whidbey build is supposed to be used.
  • The doco (word document) have some reviewer comments left (made by “Fernando Lakshan”) dated July 2004, like reviewing was never finished.
  • The doco ends with an incomplete phrase, giving a strong impression that it just plain incomplete.
  • There is a mention for a typereflection.vsd file that is not bundled in the distro.


All this is crying for another release… and I would love to try a few things if a usable download is ever made available.

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