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Assigning Multiple FontStyle to a single instance of font class in Dot net Windows Application by vik20000in

Hi, While working with Textbox in a windows application I wanted to show the text of the textbox to be both Bold and Underlined. I had to do this based on certain condition. I was surprised to see that the bold and underlined properties in the font class...

Setting and retrieving the default printer from code by vik20000in

Hi, There came a requirement in one of my colleague’s project whereby it was needed to set the printer to be used for the lotus notes (The project is about integrating with Lotus Notes.). To solve the issue instead of looking into the Lotus notes API...

Path.combine to combine two paths and backslash in second parameter by vik20000in

Hi, system.IO.Path comes with many good function to work with the File system. some of them are ChangeExtension, GetDirectoryName, GetExtension, GetFileNameWithoutExtension, IsPathRooted etc. The system.IO.Path.Combine is also include as a function in...
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