KOBE – A resource kit from Microsoft for web 2.0 Application and services



Microsoft has come with some resource kit for planning, Architecting implementing Web 2.0 applications and also services. The resource kit is named Kobe.


You can visit the same from the following link.


The kit includes presentations, white papers, and a sample application with source code. The sample app is built using the ASP.NET MVC framework and other MSFT web platform assets and illustrates a number of patterns that are common in Web 2.0 apps today.




  • I shouldn't have to download .Docx files and watch presentations to get a simple explanation for what something is.

    Can't you just write up one paragraph explaining what this is?

  • What happened?

    Kobe is a learning snack video but page url referenced everywhere for project has been removed? No recent blog posts? No content whatever outside of the one learning snack video "Kobe Overview"?

    typical MS cognitive dissonance?

    can the sample app be utilized in any form?

    So dissapointed I missed the party before it was shut down...

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