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  • Full Silverlight compatibility with VWG 6.2.2


    As announced before on our website, the 6.2.2 release which is expected to be released later this week will provide compatibility to MS Silverlight RC0/RTW.

    As you probably know, Microsoft recently released a new version of Silverlight which provides almost no compatibility backwards to older Silverlight versions. This means that all the released VWG Silverlight applications will not work with this new MS Silverlight version.

    Furthermore, Microsoft triggered an automatic update mechanism inside Internet Explorer to have the Silverlight ActiveX update without asking. As a result, all computers with MS Silverlight client installed on it have the new version, unless the user manually removed it.

    Since Microsoft released this incompatible version, our Silverlight development team has been working very hard on modifying Visual WebGui to get in line with those changes and support the new MS version once again. We were also promised by Microsoft director in Silverlight group that this was the last back compatibility breaking.

  • Tomorrow's Webcast on MSDN


    Tomorrow Nov 24 at 9am PT, Visual WebGui will be presenting another Webcast as part of the MSDN Webcast series:
    Integrating Visual WebGui into Visual Studio Simplifies Development and Saves Time and Money

    In this webcast, we will demonstrate the new integration, usability & compatibility features introduced with version 6.2.

    Attend this webcast to learn how the Visual WebGui platform increases productivity when developing AJAX DHTML and Microsoft Silverlight applications, saving time and money. And learn about Visual WebGui's complete integration into the Microsoft Visual Studio development system, a consolidated installation process, and the opportunity to use Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions for software evaluation and trials. 

    Presenter: Eyal Albert, Developer Experience Manager, Gizmox

    Register online

  • Gizmox released Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.1

    Gizmox announces the release of version 6.2.1 of its SDK. The Visual Webgui SDK now incorporates both the DHTML and the Silverlight and enables to work with both .NET 2.0 and 3.5 on the same machine. In addition, the new release includes the new wrapper feature announced earlier.

    Here is a more detailed version description:

    New feature Summary
    ASP.NET Control Wrapper wizard Asp.Net Wrapper wizard added to Visual WebGui infrastructure.
    This wizard enhances Visual WebGui abilities and allows you to use any ASP.NET thirdparty control that you have and add it to you Visual WebGui application as an out ofthe box control. Making Visual WebGui applications even richer than before.
    Issue Summary
    VWG-2721 Tabbing between controls bug solved
    VWG-3097 Problems with Flow Layout Panel bug solved
    VWG-3140 Integration package and source control problems solved
     VWG-3189 Installation prerequisites warnings & errors issues fixed
    VWG-3143 DateTimePicker in Time Format with ShowUpDown set to true AM/PM problem fixed
    VWG-2363 TextBoxValidation IntegerMaskValidator fixed and dosent allows non-numeric characters
    VWG-3139 Now you can install 2.0 and 3.5 at the same time
    VWG-3178 Unnecessary padding was removed from bottom RibbonBarGroup
    VWG-3130 EnterKeydown event Problem was fixed and is now fired
    VWG-2460 TreeView events issues solved
    VWG-3077 DataGridView border fixed
    VWG-2699 Anchor in HtmlBox fix
    VWG-3078 Session state serialization under IIS fixed
    VWG-3076 Charting in catalog fixed
    VWG-3033 Theme registration in VS2005 solved
    VWG-3061 Problem with controls events in FlowLayoutPanel solved

  • Web-based Form Builder For VWG

     We would like to share a post made by Mitch Stephens, a Visual WebGui community member about a Web-based Form Builder developed at his company for VWG:

    "Over the past few months, there have been several threads talking about run-time form designer. From what I can tell, most of these leverage the Visual Studio designer. While this may work for some applications, it won't work in our HR application. We needed a web-based designer that is targeted at power users, but not programmers.

    So we went ahead and built a nice Form Designer and Runtime viewer using VWG. Although our primary focus is the HR application, this Form Builder was developed with the idea that it may have some commercial value. I don't know if there is enough demand to justify supporting it, and we haven't spent much time doing fancy packaging, advertising or even coming up with a name. This posting is to just a trial balloon for us.

    However, this is a pretty cool piece of technology, and the least we can do it put it out there and see what reaction there is. At this point, we don't want to open source the technology since its used in a commercial application. However, we are open minded about licensing the source code to companies outside of our space (HR talent management).

    I have put together a small presentation that shows the features. We will update this with some video, but this should suffice for now.

    Here is the link to the info page:

    Our Business Requirements:
    A Web-based Form run-time
    Web-based Form designer
    Two-way Data binding to Business objects.
    Support for arbitrary placement of fields (we couldn’t have a form designer that only supports 1 column of fields, for example)
    Support for Role-based security that controls visibility and editing
    Many-to-one support, with run-time child add/change/delete with security options
    Custom validations, formulas and scripting
    High performance
    Easy to use, without programming or run-time licensing
    No client-side installation required.
    Support for very large forms (10+ pages), with manageable sections

    Current Feature Set for the Form Builder
    WYSIWYG Web-based form designer
    Easy-to-use data-bound form designer based around the table layout control
    Server-based clipboard operations
    Can cut & copy ranges, sections, fields, etc.
    Forms are made up of Sections and Fields.
    Excel-based notation for cell names, e.g., A1, B2, etc.
    XML-based persistence
    Role-based access to form fields
    Controls visibility, Edit Mode, etc.
    Supports Many-to-one relationships with child editing, controlled with security profiles
    Real-Time Excel formula support
    Separate Run-time Form Viewer, with Treeview navigation"

    Read the full forum post and related comments

    View other Visual WebGui showcases

  • New VWG wizard control wrapper announcement

    We are happy to announce Visual WebGui new ASP.NET wizard wrapper incorporated into 6.2.1 stabilization version. The new wrapper enables easy and straightforward wrapping of ASP.NET controls such as those of Infragistics, Devexpress, Telerik and others. It lets you developer an opportunity to enrich Visual WebGui environment.

    For more information about the new wizard wrapper:
    ASP.NET Control Wrapper page
    How to use Visual WebGui new ASP.NET integrated rapid wrapper capabilities

    As always we will appreciate community member's feedback.

  • How to use Visual WebGui new ASP.NET integrated rapid wrapper capabilities

    In this how to you will learn how to use the new Visual WebGui ASP.Net wrapper capabilities. This ability opens a new way for a Visual WebGui programmer to develop richer and even more customizable applications then before. The wrapper allows you to use third party ASP.Net components or your own ASP.Net components in Visual WebGui as fully integrated controls just like the Visual WebGui out of the box controls.

    In our demo we will wrap Dundas charts and use them in a Visual WebGui application.

    First let's create a new Visual WebGui application:


    Right click the solution and click Enable Visual WebGui:


    Add the necessary reference to Dundas assembles:


    Right click the project and click "Add ASP.NET Wrapper" control:


    From the ASP.NET wrapper wizard select the Dundas Chart control and give it a name "DundasChart":


    After clicking the OK button you will get a new wrapper class generated:


    Because Dundas chart control renders images it needs a fixed size to relay on, otherwise you will get an error indicating that Dundas chart control does not support non pixel dimensions.
    To force the wrapper to pass absolute dimensions you need to override the IsFixedSize property in the DundasChart.cs fileas following:

    protected override bool IsFixedSize




            return true;



    The current wrapper generator does not work out ambiguous properties and that still is left to be hand fixed. After you compile the project you will get a list of warnings regarding ambiguous properties. Fix those warnings by changing the names of the properties / methods or
    simply mark out or delete the conflicting code:


    After you compile the project and you open the Form1.cs designer, you will get the new wrapper in the toolbox, like this:


    Now you can drag the new wrapper control to the form which will put in a place holder like this:


    The new wrapper allows you to initialize the control by using a reference to an ASCX file.
    Add a new WebUserControl1.ascx to the project


    And in that ASCX you can add the control code and set his initialization.

    In this demo we will paste in the current code which will initialize the Dundas chart so we will be able to just insert data from code (This code is taken from a Dundas sample)

    <%@ Control Language="C#"%>

    <%@ Register TagPrefix="dcwc" Assembly="DundasWebChart" Namespace="Dundas.Charting.WebControl" %>

    <dcwc:chart id="hosted_control_id" runat="server" Height="796px" Width="712px"

        BackColor="#F3DFC1" Palette="GrayScale" backgradienttype="TopBottom"

        borderlinewidth="0" borderlinecolor="181, 64, 1"



            <dcwc:legend LegendStyle="Row" AutoFitText="False" DockToChartArea="Default" Docking="Bottom" DockInsideChartArea="False" Name="Default" BackColor="Transparent" Font="Trebuchet MS, 8.25pt, style=Bold'></dcwc:legend>



            <dcwc:chartarea Name="Default" BorderColor="64, 64, 64, 64" BackGradientEndColor="White" BackColor="OldLace" ShadowColor="Transparent" BackGradientType="TopBottom">

                <area3dstyle yangle="10" perspective="10" xangle="15" rightangleaxes="False" wallwidth="0" clustered="True"></area3dstyle>

                <axisy linecolor="64, 64, 64, 64" labelsautofit="False">

                    <labelstyle font="Trebuchet MS, 8.25pt, style=Bold'></labelstyle>

                    <majorgrid linecolor="64, 64, 64, 64"></majorgrid>


                <axisx linecolor="64, 64, 64, 64" labelsautofit="False">

                    <labelstyle font="Trebuchet MS, 8.25pt, style=Bold'></labelstyle>

                    <majorgrid linecolor="64, 64, 64, 64"></majorgrid>





    To use an external file  insert a path to your code (ASCX file) in the ControlCode property using the following format:  “/[Assembly Resource Name]”



    Now we can add a Visual WebGui button to the form and attach its click event to the following code (This code is taken from a Dundas sample)

     string[] charts = { "Column", "Spline", "StepLine", "Spline" };

            Random rnd = new Random();

            private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


                // Add a series to the chart

                Series series = myChart1.Series.Add("Series " + (myChart1.Series.Count + 1).ToString());

                series.ChartArea = "Default";

                series.ChartType = charts[myChart1.Series.Count - 1];

                series.BorderWidth = 2;

                int j = 0;

                int MaxPoints = 10;

                while (j++ < MaxPoints)

                    series.Points.Add(rnd.Next(5, 20));



    Open your web.config and add to it the Dundas http handler as following:

    <add path="ChartAxd.axd" verb="*" type="Dundas.Charting.WebControl.ChartHttpHandler" validate="false"/>

    Set Form1 to be the startup form using the right click as following:


    Run the application and you will get the following screen:


    After you click the button our code will refresh the chart and display the following view:


    As you can see it is very simple to create a wrapper using the new ASP.NET wrapper feature. This is the first version (6.2.1) of Visual WebGui which has this capability and we intend to simplify the procedure even more.

    You can read the original how to here 

    -- Eyal Albert @ Eyal.Albert (at)

  • Gizmox is solving 2 major Compatibility Issues

     The Visual WebGui team is currently working on 2 major compatibility issues:

    1. Making Visual WebGui Silverlight presentation layer work correctly with Silverlight version RC0.

    In version RC0 Microsoft has changed major structure of the object model and properties naming dramatically (for the last time according to what was promised to us) and we are investing allot of effort to close the gap as fast as possible.

    A responsible estimation would be that within one of the next stabilization versions of 6.2 (6.2.x) a full support for RC0 will be available in the next few weeks.

    The currently available online demos/downloads will function currently only with Silverlight 2 beta 2. 

    2. Making Visual WebGui DHTML presentation layer work well with Fire Fox 3.0 (the latest FF Version)

    Version 6.3 will come out with general support for FF 3.0, the Visual WebGui team will work hard to make this possible by the end of 2008.

    Please help us stabilize FF 3.0 by reporting us of any issues you find.

    Visual WebGui Forums

    We deeply apologies for any inconvenience you experienced!

    Stay tuned for further news...

  • Visual WebGui November Events

    These are the Visual WebGui events in November in which we provide old as well as new community memebers with the opportunity to learn, ask,  and share!

    Online Events:

    • MSDN Webcast: Harness the new complete integration of Visual WebGui into Visual Studio which simplifies and eases development to save time and money - November 24 9am PST
    • Community Chat: Meet our team online & live - November 25 


    • Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA IT Professionals Barcelona - November 3-7
      You can visit us at Booth E4 see exhibition hall map
        - November 5 1:00 PM - presentation by Eyal Albert
        - November 7 10:20 AM - presentation by Eyal Albert
    • Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA Developers Barcelona - November 10-14
      You can visit us at Booth E4 see exhibition hall map
        - November 12 10:20 AM - presentation by Guy Peled
        - November 13 2:50 PM - presentation by Guy Peled

    For more information please visit our events page

  • PDC, an impressive stage for Microsoft future innovation, and for Microsoft partners as well...


    We would like to use this stage and share with this blog readers our impressions and feeling.

    This is our first participation in PDC and we must say, we are impressed. Microsoft really presents its power by attracting top technologist and by presenting new biotechnologies. Marketing event that really has its impact. But From a Microsoft partner point of view, we would like to see some more 'partner's support' in presenting  product and solutions, which after all are targeted to 'fill gaps' that Microsoft left behind, and to enhance its platforms.

    We at Visual WebGui enable a much faster, simpler way to incorporate AJAX and Silverlight in Microsoft environment for enterprise web applications and as such we would like to see more opportunities to present at sessions and better visibility on the Expo grounds. PDC is highly recommended for those of you who really want to keep in line with Microsoft inovations.

    You can view more shared photos from PDC on Flickr 

    We are flying to Barcelona for the EMEA Tech-Ed and looking forward to the next PDC.
    See you there!

  • Learn how integrating Visual WebGui into Visual Studio simplifies development and saves time and money in the next MSDN Webcast


    Eyal is going to broadcast Visual WebGui's next MSDN Webcast on November 24.
    The Webcast demonstrates how Integrating Visual WebGui into Visual Studio Simplifies Development and Saves Time and Money (Level 200)

    Here are some more details about the upcoming Webcast:

    Language(s): English.
    Product(s): Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition.
    Audience(s): Developer.
    Duration: 60 Minutes
    Start Date:
    Monday, November 24, 2008 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    Event Overview

    Visual WebGui version 6.2 features complete integration into the Microsoft Visual Studio development system, a consolidated installation process, and the opportunity to use Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions for software evaluation and trials. Attend this webcast to learn how the Visual WebGui platform increases productivity when developing AJAX DHTML and Microsoft Silverlight applications, saving time and money.

    Presenter: Eyal Albert, Product Manager, Gizmox

    Eyal Albert has six years of experience developing applications using Microsoft technology.

    Register Online

    More Visual WebGui events...

  • Win $10,000 in the Visual WebGui Security Challenge

     Hey guys,

    Check out the Security Challenge that was launched yesterday by Visual WebGui.

    Basically, you should uncover the identity of the OWL (a secret agent's code name) by breaking into the Visual WebGui NOC application, which contains the NOC list with that information. In order to claim the $10,000 prize, partcipants should provide a proof of how they succeeded breaking into the Visual WebGui application to the contest administrator.

    For more information and registration please follow that link:

    Good luck.

  • Gizmox Dares Hackers to Break Into Visual WebGui

    The contest bets $10,000 that no one can hack their Empty Client Platform, Visual WebGui

    Tel Aviv, Israel —November 3, 2008 —Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform, today announced a contest, sponsored by the Company, which will pay $10,000 to anyone who can hack into its Visual WebGui Platform. The Contest will take the shape of an investigation into the identity of a secret agent. The goal of the contest is to uncover the true identity of their secret agent, code named OWL. The Contest will feature a flash movie presented within the Visual WebGui application that will contain the data necessary to uncovering the identity of the OWL. Participants will be required to provide a reproducible pathway into the Visual WebGui Pipeline (without having to penetrate any non Visual WebGui Peripherals) in order to claim the prize. The contest will begin on November 3rd and end January 30th, Participants must register to receive login information and contest details.

    This is the location of the Security Challenge:

    "We believe that our proprietary "Empty Client" portal is the most secure environment on the market and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is," said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox. "We don't make statements that our program is "unhackable" lightly. We have given this challenge to many people in the field and no one has been able to penetrate it., and we are sure that no one can!"

    Gizmox is the Company that released Visual WebGui to the public in early 2008, and is poised to create a new standard in cloud computing. Since its release there have been over 250,000 downloads of its DHTML version. Visual WebGui (VWG) is a new 'Web like Desktop' platform that offers open source rapid application development (RAD) framework for Line of Business AJAX & Silverlight applications atop the platform. VWG cuts down development time (proven up to 90%), without compromising on extensibility, scalability, performance, security or complexity.

    About Gizmox
    Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform and a member of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program was founded in July 2007. Gizmox enables web like desktop platfortms; its DHTML SDK has been downloaded by over 250,000 people with more than 23,000 registered users. More than 20,000 VWG applications have been built, and are in production at enterprises such as SAP, Israel Aerospace Industry, Israeli leading Leumi Bank, Trysis, NetworkD, Net Size, American File Net, Phoenix insurance company, Blue Phoenix and many more. The company is funded by Venture Capital and private investors. Its active chairman of the board is Professor Arie Scope founder of Microsoft's Israel subsidiary, and its former General Manager and Chairman for 16 years.

    All brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

  • Meet us @ Tech-Ed 2008 Barcelona

    Come and meet us in Barcelona where we will be presenting @ booth E4 during both IT Professionals and Developers periods.

    You can visit us at Booth E4 see exhibition hall map

    Stop by our booth and learn about Visual WebGui in general and about the advantages of developing/porting Web applications with Visual WebGui 'empty client' platform and framework through live hands-on demonstration at the E4 booth.

    This is also an incredible opportunity to come by and ask in person our CEO, CTO and VP of D&D all the questions you have been meaning to ask but didn't get to. Our executive team will provide you with all the needed information as far as architecture, technology, commercial and future plans.

    Gizmox is having at least four Visual WebGui presentations at Tech-Ed (2 at each of the periods):

    • For IT Professionals:
      • Cut your IT applications' total costs by 90% with Visual WebGui
        November 5 1:00 PM @ Theatre 1 by Eyal Albert
        November 7 10:20 AM Theatre 1 by Eyal Albert
    • For Developers:
      • Ajax and Silverlight development with no CSS, HTML, JavaScript or Xaml, would you believe it?!
        November 12 10:20 AM Theatre 3 by Guy Peled
      • Create data intensive AJAX and Silverlight application as simple as 1-drag, 2-drop, 3-data bind
        November 13 2:50 PM Theatre 3 by Guy Peled

    View the events page for more information