ASP.NET developers build rich management system using the VWG extension

When The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) decided they needed a web application to allow easy access to the expenses management system they initially went to ASP.NET web forms combined with CSS. The outcome, however, was not satisfying enough as it appeared bland and lacked in richness. So in order to enrich the UI and give the web application some glitz, Visual WebGui was selected. Visual WebGui provided the needed richness and the familiar Windows look and feel also made the transition for the desktop users very easy.

The richer GUI of Visual WebGui conveyed some initial concerns about performance. But it turned out to be a surprising advantage as the website maintained good response times.

Working with Visual WebGui required a slight paradigm shift for the development process as some of the usual methods of coding with ASP.NET did not apply. However, the transition was fairly easy due to the simplicity and intuitiveness of Visual WebGui as well as the good support and documentation. Visual WebGui is a Visual Studio extension for building rich internet applications in .NET (VB.NET or C#) which allows true visual form-based development within VS, a built-in Ajax protocol and native HTML5 browser support. 

“The shift into a different development paradigm was eased by the Visual WebGui web forums which are very active thanks to a large, involved community. There are also several video and web pages dedicated to answering the most commonly asked questions and pitfalls" Dave Bhatia, Systems Engineer who added "A couple of issues such as deploying on IIS7 seemed to be show stoppers at first, however the solution was readily available in a white paper on the Gizmox website.”

The full story is found on the Visual WebGui website:

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