Full Silverlight compatibility with VWG 6.2.2


As announced before on our website, the 6.2.2 release which is expected to be released later this week will provide compatibility to MS Silverlight RC0/RTW.

As you probably know, Microsoft recently released a new version of Silverlight which provides almost no compatibility backwards to older Silverlight versions. This means that all the released VWG Silverlight applications will not work with this new MS Silverlight version.

Furthermore, Microsoft triggered an automatic update mechanism inside Internet Explorer to have the Silverlight ActiveX update without asking. As a result, all computers with MS Silverlight client installed on it have the new version, unless the user manually removed it.

Since Microsoft released this incompatible version, our Silverlight development team has been working very hard on modifying Visual WebGui to get in line with those changes and support the new MS version once again. We were also promised by Microsoft director in Silverlight group that this was the last back compatibility breaking.

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  • Hi.
    I love VWG to bits, Literally. I love the innovation, the fresh clean approach. The fact it make me productive.

    But please can we stop for just 5 minutes and fix the bugs.

    The Datagrid that does not dynamically change column and row sizes to fit the data.

    The enter key trap that fires correctly in debug mode but out of sequence in runtime.

    This is not criticism.
    You are 99.98% there. 0.02% will make it perfect.

    VWG fan

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