Implementing fine-grain security policies in enterprise HTML5 applications

What is fine-grain security?

Fine-grained access control refers to the data security model where users of different permissions are given different sets of access rights to read, right, or edit data. Considering fine-grained security policy within applications is becoming more important as apps are increasingly designed to reach a wider group of users. As businesses move to bring their apps to web and mobile, it is more common to create different views of the same core application that are optimized for the specific audience. For instance, an application admin will have a different view than a user performing data entry in the field and a different view from the manager looking for summary statistics. These different application "views" all carry different access rights to the data. Implementing fine-grained security policies within an application is typically the role of the application administrator. Designing in utilities to manage fine-grained access control is the role of the developer.

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Leveraging Visual WebGui to integrate fine-grain security into your apps

Gizmox recently announced new features of Visual WebGui that supports the ability to define form-level security policies within VWG apps. Visual WebGui is designed to integrate with enterprise access control technologies like LDAP or Active Directory where access rights can be managed centrally. Visual WebGui developers can build fine-grained policy control that lets application admins define the specific access rights of different types of usersat runtime. The Visual WebGui Business Server integrates with enterprise access control servers at runtime to enforce policy within the application. Abstracting this functionality to the platform level radically simplifies the process of building this kind of access control into an application..


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