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  • FormsAuthentication and Cookie Persistence

    Why are there multiple ways to set cookie peristence for ASP.NET Forms authentication? Each of the following related methods [1] allows you affect the cookie expiration period.

  • Lightweight Transaction Manager

    For decades, Transactions have known to be a powerful mechanism for robust fault-tolerance. Unfortunately, Transactions are also notoriously expensive mechanisms to use. With Whidbey, Microsoft is hoping to change that perception by lowering the cost of using Transactions. This comes about through the introduction of Lightweight Transaction Manager (LTM) that is part of the System.Transaction namespace. LTM is a full fledged transaction manager for volatile resources. This means as long as the resource manager (RM) is non-durable or durable but within the same appdomain, LTM will own the transaction. This dramatically reduces the overhead in creating a transaction. If you do indeed include a persistent RM, a second RM (2PC scenario) ownership is automatically transferred to RM(SQL Server 2005) and MS DTC respectively.