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Geek Politics

I've been listening to IT Converstations and generally getting into the podcasting thing since I do have 40-60 min commute each way and I'm oh so tired of broadcast radio. (I claim early adopter since I've been listening to audio on my giant HP Jornada for a couple of years now).

One thing I've been noticing is that there seems to be an assumption by most speakers that the geek listenership is left of center, sometimes far to the left. Why is that? Of the geeks I've encountered over the years it seems that the political alignment mirrors that of the general population (30% liberal, 30% conservative and the rest undecided). Is it just that those who lean towards the left are more likely to get involved in these types of activities?

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Wil Wheaton - Why?

I was listening to Wil Wheaton's performance recorded at Gnomedex 4.0 via IT Conversations this week. The stories ranged from mildly amusing to yawners and when it was over I started wondering why Wil? Is it because he blogs? Because all geeks have a secret desire to be on Star Trek? I'm not sure. The impression I walked away with was that Wil is pretty good live performer, took a long time to get through adolescence, has had some challenges in his life and is profane. To be sure it wasn't just that performance I checked out his blog, but I still don't get it. What relevance does Wil have to geekdom? I know there are those who adamantly hate Wil for something as well as those who love him. But for me, I've decided I don't really care - at all.
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