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  • What Do You Need To Know?

    Time to vent. I’ve been trying to hire a couple of senior developers on a team that is primarily building a web based framework (i.e. software for developers). I have some minimal expectations for a senior developer that I don’t think are all that outrageous.


    For instance if you claim to be a web developer you must understand the basics of HTTP. If you are an ASP.NET developer I expect you to know how IIS and ASP.NET interact and how IIS hands off requests and what the different ways of handling that request are. Further I expect that you know the page lifecycle and how the various objects and controls get their values populated.


    These are minimum expectations for ASP.NET development, not that you have every minor detail memorized, but have a general understanding of how your technology of choice functions. To be senior you need to know these things in more detail, be familiar with server and user controls, internationalization and more. All these things are in addition to basic computer science knowledge.


    Is this really all that unreasonable?