Cable Modem problems

I had mentioned in some previous entries about wanting to change my Web Search code to use MSMQ.  I have been out of town and I wanted to get back home to see how the changes ran over my cable modem.  Well, I got home last week, tried the changes, and saw no improvement from here.  What was a programmer to do?  Well, it ends up that the problem was the cable modem had been provisioned while I was gone for 384 kbps instead of the 2 mbps that I was paying for.  After a week of trying different things and testing different configs while talking with the cable modem tech support, I finally got passed around to someone that knew about the provisioning issue.  Finally, the speed problem at home was resolved.


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  • well, when downloads are in a progress of atleast 90kbs, my 3com cable modem shuts off, and it doesnt even turn its self back on, so i hafta unplug it and wait a few min for it to turn back on, sometimes it doesnt even turn back on, its been doing this for about a year. I use a 3com shark fin looking modem and a linksys network adapter on windows xp. you think somehow those arent compatible or am i hogging up bandwidth so my provider shuts me off, let me knew ASAP!

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