Excitement continues to grow

MVP Summit coming up.  Leaving Saturday morning.  Arrive @ W sometime around 12 noon Seattle time.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting lots of new ones.  Talked to Kirk Allen Evans last night on the phone about getting together.  I haven't seen him since we ate lunch in December in DC.  Desparately want to finally meet certain folks like CodeBoy and Darren Neimke.  I will get to see Paul Wilson and David Penton again.  I got really pumped when I checked out Scott Cate's Wiki regarding ride sharing.  If you are going, grab my mobile phone number from Scott's Wiki and get ahold of me Saturday afternoon.  I want to find a good spot to watch the Tech and OSU game in the Final Four.  Anybody know of any other games being played at the Final Four? 



  • well there's the Duke vs. UConn game.

    The Fox Sports Grill in downtown Seattle would probably be a good spot. Might be crowded though. You can walk to it from the W though.

    I'd recommend The Ram over on 45th in University Village shopping center. Great food, big TV, in-house brews.

    I have no need of ride share since I'm not an MVP and I live in Seattle. I don't know you from Adam, but if you want to hook up and watch the game, gimme a holler at skoon@scottkoon.org I'm a KU fan but I'm not bitter. :)

  • I'll be there too!

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