Adware/Spyware freakin' sucks

I was happily typing along doing development today, when bang, out of nowhere, this popup comes up asking if I want to install something from a webpage.  Since, I was happily typing along, the keyboard input for acceptance occurred before I knew what was going on.  Before I knew it, I had all kinds of junk Adware/Spyware crap on my system.  I download Spybot.  That took care of most of it, but not all of it.  The infamous “DSO Exploit” will not freakin' go away.  Since, I had just rebuilt this install of WindowsXP, I had not installed the anti-virus code, just made sure that all of the updates were installed. 

As a side note, there are some new virus/worms running around that were discovered today.  These articles may be talking about the same things.,1759,1617046,00.asp

What a happy freakin' birthday.



  • specifically with rc2, the spyware prompt just appears as a notification at the top of the page. You have to actually choose to click to install, and there is no chance of doing it accidentally.

  • Thanks Guys. I just heard about xp sp2 change earlier this week. I was waiting on it to go to production, but because I am now going to have to rebuild my laptop, guess what I am going to install? sp2 rc. this freakin' sucks.


  • "DSO Exploit" not going away is a known issue with SpyBot. (I had the same issue...)

    It seems SpyBot DOESS clean it, but leaves a couple reg entries when it cleans it. Future checks sees these entries and thinks it's still there, when it really isn't.

    Google SpyBot and "DSO Exploit" and you'll get some the details on how to do the final clean up.

  • Had the same incident yesterday, seems that is not the DSO exploit but this new virus you mention.

    I also download the SpyBot, but nothing fixed. Seems that this is loaded when IE is loaded (as toolbar extension?), so the only solution i found (after formatting) was to switch to firefox, until MS releases the new patches

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