Everyone else is making money but me.........

Well, not really.  I find that people seem to always think that others are making huge money from whatever they are doing. 

On a personal front, you would be amazed at the number of peole that think I am rich from writing a computer programming book.  It is only after you sit down with them and disect the economics of writing a book that it becomes obvious that writing a book is not a huge money maker for the authors of most technology books.  In fact, I would classify writing a technology book as falling under the area of money-loser.

Another example.  Do you think that online music is a big money maker for the online music stores?  Think again.  This article seems to question the viability of online music stores because of the fairly small margins.  http://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/music/news/story.jsp?story=564004  Is the article real or merely propoganda to be used against the music labels?  That's for someone else to decide.


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  • I just finished authoring a book on ADO.NET and I must say .. Damn right .. writing a book is a truckload of work. But it isn't because of the money, but the learning experience that makes one write a book. Plus it's a 800 page resume.

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