Business Week's latest on Overseas Outsourcing - Dot Bomb Part Deaux?

This seems to be one of the few business publications with a realistic view of Overseas Outsourcing. 

One thing that does upset me in the whole discussion of overseas outsourcing is this view by American developers, engineers, and technical types is that somehow the people that work overseas in India, China, or Eastern Europe are somehow not intelligent.  There is value in locality (being near the customer).  There is value in speaking the same language as the customer.  Not being able to fulfill those requirements does NOT make someone not intelligent.  To believe that somehow the United States has a monopoly on intelligence baffles my mind.


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  • I think all one has to do to convince oneself of the very high capability in "overseas" (to the U.S.) developers is look at the contribution lists of almost any open source project you can think of.

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