Tsunami estimated casualties increases dramatically

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I report that CNN, FoxNews, and other news organizations are reporting that the estimated number of casualties from the Indian Ocean Tsunami has been dramtically increased to 115,000 people.  Obviously, this makes the events of September 11, 2001 appear insignificant.



I am hoping that much like at the WTC the estimates will come down over time.


  • don't see how one horrible event makes another one seem any less significant

  • I agree that this is the most horrible disaster in history but comparisons to 9/11 are misguided. Tsunami=Act of God; 9/11=People thinking they are acting for god.

    Big difference.

  • I wouldn't go anywhere near saying 911 deaths are insignificant compared to this. There is a huge difference, the tsunami was an act of nature totally uncontrollable. 911 was an act of terror and destruction by men against men. We cannot control forces of nature and they will happen as they have happened in the past, but terrorism is pure evil and senseless destruction that is driven by hate. This alone makes it extremely significant for our history and the events to come.

  • Come on Wally... Are you nuts?

  • Sorry for misspeaking myself. What I meant was the number of the people that were killed. I did not mean that the deaths in NY, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania were insignificant.

    I had a hard time understanding 3,000 deaths. Over a 100,000 deaths boggles my mind.

    BTW, if you are upset with me, I appologize. I now what I meant, which was not what I typed.


  • Are there any statistics on the tsunami vitims? i.e. average age, gender?

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  • hey im doing a school project what were the rounded number of casualties

  • yeah i'm doing a school project like the other person and like ryan i need to know how many casualties have been taken please help us out

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