Full-Text Catalogs in the master, model, or tempdb databases

In reading through the documentation on Sql Server 2005, it states that a full-text catalog can not be created in the master, model, or tempdb databases.  The more interesting question to me is "Why would I want to do create a catalog in those databases?"  I've always stayed out of those databases and I always thought it a good idea not to go changing things in them.


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  • While I've not *yet* tested this with SQL Server 2005 (Yukon), but with SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, you could FT-enable tempdb as well as model. Then in tempdb, you could the create and FT-enable tempdb..tablename, but not #tablename. In model, you could set the this database to FT-enabled, and when you created any new database (including tempdb), then the new database would be FT-enabled by default!


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