Regular Guys return to 96 Rock / WKLS

Great news.  I just heard this today as I listen to their show on 640 AM WGST.


  • I don't even listen to 96rock anymore since they left. I might give it a shot again just for the mornings if they come back.

  • I quit listening when they were booted also, 96 rock wasnt the same without them

  • Great to hear the Regular Guys are back on! I boycotted 96 Rock when they kicked them off! I couldn't believe it! Mornings just weren't the same!!! Oh, and the Bob and Tom show SUCKED!!

  • It's about damn time! I knew they would come back, it was only a matter of time. I highly suggest that if the "big guys" decide to let them go ever again they should think twice. I love you Larry and Eric! ROCK ON

    CALL ME!

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