There are people problems everywhere

It seems that Gretchen is talking about some of the people problems at Microsoft.  This got picked up by  Its funny, but I think that this can be summed up in two thoughts:

  • There are people problems everywhere.  Its not just Microsoft or any specific place.  Everyplace has people that you don't agree with.  It is merely human nature.
  • There are few very few people that place tremendous value on being at a big company.  Having worked at a big company and on my own, I can honestly say that being at a big company is overrated.  Its funny that yesterday, I got an email out of the blue from someone that was very derogatory towards small companies.  Sorry folks but big companies are not for everyone.  Personally, I have an interesting view on Microsoft.  I don't view them as a big company, but as a series of small companies operating underneath one company name.  The different product groups seem to have autonomy.


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  • Hi Wally - I actually agree with you about Microsoft being a big company comprised of smaller, autonomous companies. But it takes some willing to consider the big company to even hear me out about the smaller company feel within the divisions. :)

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