Windows Vista Beta 1 and VirtualPC - Updated

Anybody tried to install Windows Vista Beta 1 into a VirtualPC Session?  I'm getting an error trying to format the VirtualPC drive.  Suggestions?

Updated: It seems to be installing now thanks to a suggestion by Bill Ryan.  He said just reboot the VPC session.  I thought I had done that already, but when you get to be my age, your memory goes.  Thanks Bill



  • Same experience here with VMWare 5.

  • It wasn't letting me install on the "unformatted" partition, so I tried formatting it with no avail. I reset the VPC image, stepped through the install steps again and this time when I came to the disk image page, the partition showed up as being formatted. From there I was able to select the partition and continue the install process. It's still chugging along right now at about 45% complete. Why did I have to reset the image? I have no idea.

  • I partitioned and formatted the drive and then rebooted. After the reboot, it let me past that error.


  • Build a VPC with a different operating system, then do the Vista setup on that VPC and you'll bypass the problem. I just grabbed a copy of an XP VPC I was using, kicked off the Vista setup, and formatted with no problem.

  • i ran into this same problem last night. at what point are you supposed to reboot the session?

    my issue was that the Vista installer didn't recognize any drives to install it on. i was trying a fixed VHD within Virtual Server.

    not sure if it's the same issue or not...

  • I just got done installing mine. Ran into the same thing. I had to setup a new virtual disk (even tho I did that when setting up the VPC). Then I had to reboot VPC and it worked.

    Not sure if that helps... Good luck, Vista is very nice and IE7 is amazing. They finally added a _real_ tabbed interface to IE. Not the MSN crap tabbed browser that flashes, but a real implementation.

  • That's simpler than repaving an extra dev machine I had laying around.

  • it seemed to me that Vista only likes drives bigger than 16GB so i created one cached disk and also a second 2gb disk within virtual PC. Idea being it can use the 2nd disk for temp files if it needs to...then did the fdisk and format within the installation and all was fine.

    also If you try installing from an ISO file on your local pc Virtual PC gives an get round it mount the ISO as a virtual CD drive and install it from a goodun :)

  • Thanks for the 6GB tip. I increased it to max size disk and it works. No more TAPI.dll error.


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