Please quit with the continual product pimping

I realize that some people here want to get a free copy of some stuff and pimp products.  Heck, I do it at times and even get way off technical topics, but this continual repost of the exact same thing is annoying.  I realize that the vendor wants you to put up a post on your blog, but geez, the same dry generic post that the vendor gives you is just a little bit too much.  We had this problem about 12-18 months ago and it got ugly then.  I would accept a product review.  If you like the product say so. The same dry advert from the vendor should not be just blindy copied to your blog.

Additional thoughts:

1.  If you were involved in writing the product, please post about your involvement, some technical features, and how to develop with it.

2.  If you want to try it out for free, that's fine, just remember not to put the post on the main page.


PS. You may now return to your regularly scheduled development.


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