ASP.NET Podcast Show #32 – Reflections of 2005 & Using a DataTable in “Atlas”

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Can't let Paul get the last word in.


Wow, I didn't know if we would make it this far and what kind of form we would have ended up in.  I wanted to take some time to go thru and look at some of the really cool events of 2005.


  • Got my ASP.NET MVP reawarded.
  • Charlotte to do a talk.  Scott Forsyth and Orcsweb.
  • What does it take to do webcasting?
  • School Board.  Wanted to build a new school in our area and threatened us with condemnation.
  • ADO.NET book continued forward.
  • Contract and negotiations.


  • .NET CTP.
  • More with the school board.  Cooler heads finally prevail.
  • ADO.NET book continues forward.  Final large chapter is in.
  • Project work in DC starts back up.


  • Chattanooga to do a talk.
  • Project work in DC ramps up some more.
  • ADO.NET book changes.


  • Birmingham to do a talk.
  • Jason Salas and the Digital Pontification.
    • Sir Wally.
    •  ASP.NET Podcast.  (Me, Paul, Buddy, Jason, Robert McLaws).
  • Final chapter is in.
  • Get a new co-author.
  • .NET 2.0 beta2 and Sql 2k5 with the updated ADO.NET InProc Provider changes.
  • What is this AJAX thing?


  • I do my first podcast and yes, the motorcycle will be here forever.
  • DC codecamp.
  • My first codecamp. Atlanta.
  • My first SDR @ MS.
  • Sir Wally wins the Database Geek of the Week award. 


  • First round of edits for the ADO.NET book.
  • ScottGu – Atlas – WTF is AJAX?
  • Paul starts in on the podcast.
  • June CTP of Sql Server 2k5.


  • More podcasts.  Hey, you have to do something in the hotel room.
  • Shot 71 in golf.  WTF?
  • Sang the GT fight song on DP.
  • Edits on the ADO.NET book.
  • Went to the IIS7 devlab.
    •  Probably embarrassed myself a ton.
    • Questions.
    • Lunch with Shanku and Rich – more questions on Atlas.
  • Wrote my first http handler.
  • Go approval for an AJAX with ASP.NET book.


  • More podcasts.  Hey, you have to do something in the hotel room.
  • Work continued in DC.


  • Final edits for the ADO.NET book.
  • First Atlas downloads.
  • Podcasting continued.


  • ADO.NET Book is out of our hands.
  • ASPInsider Summit.
    • Spang.
    • Atlas.
    • Enjoyed the whole experience with everyone.
  • Writing started on the AJAX with ASP.NET book.
  • Turned in some chapters even.
  • Alabama Codecamp.


  • Nov 7, 2005 – VS.NET and Sql2k5 ship.
  • site is up, thanks to Scott Forsyth and Orcsweb.
  • New Atlas build.
  • User Group talk on Atlas.
  • Ready to go with an application.  ($500k vs. $86k)
  • Turned in a chapter on AJAX. (XML).


  • New Atlas build.
  • Holidays.
  • Kids basketball.
  • Chapter writing continues on Atlas.

People that I have met or remet along the way.

MS people.

  • Rich Ersek.
  • Scott Guthrie.
  • Shanku Niyogi.
  • Nikhil Kothari.
  • Pablo Castro.

Wilco Bauwer.

David Yack.

Ambrose Little.


Bill Ryan.

Jason Salas.


  • Rob Chartier.
  • Chris Frazier.
  • Jason Gaylord.

Craig Shoemaker.


Frappr Map.  Goto the podcast site and get in on the fun.

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Iterating through a DataTable in Atlas.


getItem(i) for the rows.

getProperty(“Column Name”) for the column.

        function MethodReturn(result)


            var i = 0;

            var str = "";

            var strRowsInfo = "";

            var strReturn = "<br />";

            //get a datatable

            var tbl1 = result.getItem(0);

            for(i = 0; i < tbl1.get_length(); i++)


                //tbl1.getItem(i) will return the ith DataRow

                //getProperty("Column Name") will return the column value from a DataRow

                strRowsInfo += tbl1.getItem(i).getProperty("ProjectName") + strReturn;


            document.getElementById("RowInfo").innerHTML = strRowsInfo;


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