ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning

ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning



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Show Notes:

  • Coach Wally.
  • Bruce Dickinson returns.
    • Explore the space of being Wally.
    • You really want "More Wally" in the show.
  • Paul Lockwood reviews podcasts.
  • Oprah Effect? What about the Wally Effect!
    • People all over the world.
    • Amazon.
    • Google Adsense.
  • Wally begs you to help out.
  • Interesting findings - Wally whines about paying big bucks for big companies but won't pay less for smaller companies.
  • OrcsWeb.
  • Wallyisms review.
  • Database Performance and Tuning.
    • Proper database design.
    • Primary keys are good.  I like integer data types.
    • Foreign keys.  FKs are used to relate data like customers and orders or Orders and order items.
    • Normalization is good.
    • Indexing is REALLY, REALLY important.
    • Sql Server Profiler.
    • Database Tuning.

    • What happens when you don't have a good database design and proper indexing? Bad things.


  • Come on dude - you make it sound like no developer has heard of primary keys or foreign keys...!

    Not all of us are grads. ;)

  • Wim,

    As horrible as it sounds, most projects that I have had to deal with that contain someone else's database design don't have foreign keys. These weren't little projects either, but major projects.

    Obviously, not everyone is a begineer developer. :-)


  • I don't mind a few personal items in the podcast, but 20 min? I drove almost all the way to work before you got on topic.

    Other than that I do like the shows.

    One note about working with DBAs. I love to work closely with them when they know what they are doing. In my experience though these are few and far between. I spend a good amount of time telling them how to do very simple database tasks.

    The other problem with most DBAs is that they have "holier than thou" attitude. It makes it so that junior developers are afraid to even go near them.

    Keep up the good work.

    Tim Murphy

  • Tim,

    yeah, I do ramble. All of the suggestions are good. Keept them coming!


  • I do not mind the rambling, probably because I tend to do it myself.

    I think I would love the show take on an hour format though (allows to continue to ramble, but spend a bit more time on topic and go a bit deeper as well).

    Keep up the great work,


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