20 years ago - Challenger


20 years ago, the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.  I remember where I was that day. 


  • I do too...I was in first grade. In honor of McAuliffe, schools in Charlotte were closed for the rest of the day, and everyone was glued to the TV.

  • I was actually in 8th grade - and science was my first class of the day. We watched the launch live. As a geek I knew 'everything' about the shuttle. I remember telling a buddy that in just a few seconds that the boosters would break off from the sides - then nothing but white smoke/cloud everywhere. I thought that was strange.... so did NASA - it took a few seconds, maybe even a minute for NASA to confirm, on tv/satellite (I _think_ we were watching it at school on a satellite feed), that something had gone terribly wrong.

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