Vista 5308 in a VPC

I have no idea if this will work, but I am trying to install Windows Vista Build 5308 into a VPC image.  The first hurdle that I ran into is that the drive partition is not automatically recognized by Vista.  I rebooted my VPC session and on the second attempt, Vista recognized the partition.  More info to come.

Update #1:  Install completed.

Update #2:  Having a devil of a time getting IIS7 to install.



  • This is the question I've asked this morning... I'm waiting for your news :)

    Please post some useful infos on how to install it under VPC (if possible).

  • I'm doing the same thing :)I gave the sucker 1gb of ram :)

  • yep, I have it set for 1 gb of ram also. Still installing............

  • Dunno how it's going for you, but it's too slow for me. I tried to give it more ram, give it less. Everything goes "Not responding". I did remove the nice theme, but that didn't seem to solve anyhting. I did see a couple neat things (like asking for permission before lauching tast manager) and stuff. Too bad I don't have a spare machine anywhere..I'm sure this is all VPC related...

  • I tried this out over the weekend...with marginal success. I was able to get the OS to install and boot just fine, but there was a CPU utilization issue that rendered the image pretty unusable - for some reson the CPU idles at 100% CPU utilization :(.

  • I learned awhile ago not to try running Vista on VPC. These days, I have a multi-boot partition for it that I can image and wipe away as needed for the next iteration.

  • Yup, I VPC'ed mine and even with the tweak guide and pruning services Im still getting 100% CPU outta the gate. using VPC w SP1. Seems like its in the explorer process to me? Anyone got any ideas how to patch it?? As a developer it sure would be the right thing to run it as a VPC image..

    BTW, Wally, where did you get the IIS7 Beta? Email me that one

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